Hi, everyone. Great exciting to meet you all here! I’m Ravi Roshan Jaiswal. As you all know, I like to work on WordPress. And therefore I have brought for you all a fabulous site i.e. “wpnascent.com”.

As the name suggest, this site is very interesting for knowing something more about WordPress. Now here, you are going to know about all the features and quality resources of WordPress.

WordPress is no longer just a free and open source blogging platform, it is part of the blogging LifeStyle!

At WP Nascent, we will discuss the latest and the best of WordPress developments which will include stuff like new themes, plugins etc. When it comes to WordPress, something new and interesting comes up everything – with so many available themes and plugins and other resources – there shouldn’t be any other script option for blogging other than WordPress.

WordPress is a common, very special, more relative, user friendly and open source website creation tool and written in PHP.

It’s a matter of great pleasure that we will provide you everything about WordPress though this site one by one. First of all I would like to describe the features and that why we like and take interest to work with WordPress? So the specialities are:

It is simple and easiest in use because it doesn’t require the proper knowledge of HTML and PHP unlike Joomla and Drupal. Only we have to choose a template or a plugin and install them properly.

Make sure that when it comes to work through an internet then WordPress comes in our mind first, because it is secure and provides safer environment than others.

WordPress is not only for blogging platform but we can use it in many ways like: We use the WordPress most for blogging, Gallery, Shopping Store, CMS, Arcade, Portfolio and Membership. Often, people make mistake that they use it only for blogging platform, you know.

Majority of many free plugin in this site makes it a powerful Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress handles different-different media types easily, you know.

One interesting thing is we can get it free and by paid. If you want to get the more stylish and advanced template then you have to pay for the template which you want to choose.

We can view the more and latest graphics template on our homepages which can changes our website’s look, you know.

Its Menu Management has a more extended and advanced functionalities and it is easy to modify and update, included pages, categories.

So, these are the functionalities which make WordPress a powerful and more convenient site making tool.

Thanks a lot for knowing something about our site. It will really appreciate us for doing something more for you all.

Keep watching our site 🙂

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