Hey, am Ravi – a 20 year old blogger from Mahuadanr.

Very recently, I found out all about this amazing hobby known as “blogging” and since then am trying to figure out how it all works!

This is my first blog, started this one on health and fitness as staying fit and carrying out a healthy lifestyle is something I really care about. This includes eating healthy food, nurturing good habits and maintaining a healthy and active routine.

Since am absolutely new in this blogosphere and don’t know much about other bloggers – neither I guess other people know about me, so I thought to do this introduction post and connect with everyone around!

So, here’s presenting – The Top 10 Things you do not know about Me!


Born in a Beautiful Place – On 21 September 1995, time was 4.15 pm, I was born in the beautiful and lovely place named Mahuadanr. Mahuadanr means “the place of flower”. It is about 200 KM from the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi. This place is a great point for the tourists. Here is a lovely and beautiful water fall surrounded with beautiful trees and animals. Here water falls from the top of the hill, like a flavor of milk. Tourists come here to enjoy this moment.

Near this place “Betla National Park” is situated too, where different-different types of animals were found. There are many types of birds and animals traveling there. To this place, we see nature in front of our eyes and feel the sound of nature birds and animals. These birds and animals attract us by their sounds.

  1. Meaning of my Name

My name was sorted as ‘Ravi Roshan Jaiswal’ which means – “the light of the Sun”. This name was taken by my father and supported by all members of my family. This name belongs to our traditional culture also.

  1. Family Background

I belong to a well organized and educated middle class family where I have father, mother, sister and brother. My father’s name is Mr Rampukar Jaiswal. My father is a small business man. And my mother’s name Mrs. Gayatri Jaiswal. She is housewife along with good mom for me.

  1. Primary Education

The name of my primary school is St. Xavier’s Middle School. I was so naughty but sincere in studies. Also teachers were good. They taught us well. I was in the habit of bunking the class and on that time my parents used to punish me. It was fun while we were in school.

  1. Intermediate Education

The name of my intermediate school is St. Joseph’s +2 Schools. I had taken science stream which was so difficult to learn in my primary time. But, I have completed my intermediate education on 2013. After completing my intermediate education I became more confident and decided to become a successful person. Therefore, I prepared myself for next education procedure.

  1. Higher Education

I am pursuing my BCA program from Indira Gandhi National Open University because I have to achieve my goals. Therefore, higher study is necessary. This university belongs to distance learning mode which is highly beneficial for me because we can learn, along with work.

  1. Friends

For celebrating fun time with happiness and enjoying, friends are necessary. Without friends – life has little value. But I am lucky that I have two best friends’ name as Hemant and Ashish. Both live in different places but we always keep in touch. Both of them are unique in their own way. They always make me confident and motivate me to achieve my aim. They are always ready to help me in any situation. They say that “I am very smiley person”.

  1. Interest

In my childhood I used to play football and I was a pretty good player. But, when I look back now, I want to play football once again. I was a football player and captain of my school team. When we had gone to play football, we lost our match.

I like speaking on a public platform – I had got success and won the speech competition, which was really great achievement for me. Audience were so happy to hear about my speech. I had given speech about the “Importance of Discipline in our life”.

  1. Hobbies

I have one interesting hobby which is tour and travel. I want to travel about all the beautiful places which are present on the Earth. One of the best places where I want to visit is Jammu & Kashmir which is really heaven of Earth.

The first city that I have visited in India is Kolkata. I enjoyed there about two week. I have watched Victoria Memorial, Science City and Kali Temple etc.. But one of the important places is Belur Math which is situated across the Hooghly River. The Belur Math belongs to Swami Vivekananda, the real hero of the world. This place is really very beautiful and peaceful.

Thanks for reading this about me post. Will really appreciate if you provide some feedback in the comments. My favorite quotes “You can never be successful, without taking challenges”. So apply this quote in your life and feel the real job of living your life.