I still remember my first WordPress based blog which I had setup way back in 2007. Even then the community of WordPress users and developers were pretty strong.

All these years later, it seems the community has grown on to become the best blogging tool that the internet could provide. A simple search for themes and plugins brings plenty of results that is enough to set up so many blogs.

Yet, this choice comes at a cost – too much of options that overwhelms the searchers and makes it difficult to find the good ones from the sea of available choices. Along with that, when you search for free themes and plugins, you are also presented with the paid ones, a trick to fool you and send you to a paid option with a forceful, tricky, deceitful cookie in your browser – that the search engines so willingly ignore.

With all this in my mind, I decided to launch a WordPress based portal that will run clean and make sure you get the best of the themes and plugins without the added hassle.

WP Nascent
WP Nascent

Hopefully, in time, we will prepare wordpress themes and plugins of our own. In the meantime, we will review and discuss wordpress themes and plugins here.